‘Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’        Mark Ch 16 v 15


about_sideDaybreak Recordings was formed in 1980, the ethos has always been since then to spread the Old Fashioned Gospel Message of Redeeming Grace through good Bible based gospel music.

Primarily Rev McCrea is the main recording artist, but Daybreak has had the privilege of producing recordings with other artists, some from Scotland, England and indeed from the United States of America.

Rev McCrea has recorded a number of gospel albums since 1973 and for many years now has been recording in Nashville under the leadership of America’s top gospel musical Directors like Lari Goss and Roger Bennett. His DVD’s and Videos have been filmed on location in various parts of Northern Ireland, mainland UK, Israel and USA.

In recent years Daybreak has produced the Going Home Series, featuring Rev McCrea and many of his gospel singing friends from Northern Ireland.

The ministry of gospel music continues to bring much joy and blessing to those who listen. Daybreak continues to receive e-mails and letters from across the world, desiring more of our good old-fashioned gospel recordings. What a joy to hear of precious soul’s receiving Christ through our ministry of song and others gaining enrichment in their spiritual walk with God.

So why not join with us, browse our site, and let us know your comments!!